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Inner Mongolia Coal Trade - Scope of Coal Application

Release date:2019-03-09 | Number of views:2799

Coal, also known as coal, is the remains of ancient plants buried beneath the earth's crust under the pressure and temperature conditions of isolating air, producing carbonized fossil minerals that are mainly used as fuel by humans

For modern industry, whether it is heavy industry or light industry, coal; Whether it is the energy industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, light textile industry, food industry, transportation industry, they all play an important role, and various industrial sectors consume a certain amount of coal to a certain extent. Therefore, some people call coal the "true grain" of industry. It is one of the main energy sources used by the human world since the 18th century

Coal has a wide range of uses and can be summarized into two main uses based on its purpose: (1) power coal and (2) coking coal

Folding power coal

1) Power generation coal: About one-third of China's coal is used for power generation, and the current average coal consumption for power generation is about 370g/(kW · h) of standard coal. Power plants use the calorific value of coal to convert thermal energy into electrical energy

2) Steam locomotive coal: accounts for about 2% of power coal, and the average coal consumption index of steam locomotive boilers is about 100kg/(10000 tons · km)

3) Coal for building materials: accounts for more than 10% of the coal used for power, with cement accounting for the majority, followed by glass, bricks, tiles, etc

4) Coal for general industrial boilers: In addition to thermal power plants and large heating boilers, industrial boilers for general enterprises and heating use a wide range of models, large quantities, and scattered, with coal consumption accounting for about 30% of the power coal

5) Domestic coal: The quantity of domestic coal is also relatively large, accounting for about 20% of fuel coal

6) Metallurgical power coal: Metallurgical power coal mainly consists of anthracite for sintering and blast furnace injection, with a dosage of less than 1% of the power coal used

Coking coal

Although China has relatively abundant coal resources, coking coal resources are relatively small, with coking coal reserves accounting for only 27.65% of China's total coal reserves

The main purpose of coking coal is to make coke, which is made by high-temperature smelting of coking coal or mixed coal. Generally, about 1.3 tons of coking coal can be used to make one ton of coke. Coke is mostly used for steelmaking and is currently the main production raw material in industries such as steel, known as the "basic food" for the steel industry

China is a major producer of coke and a major exporter of the world's coke market. In 2003, the global coke production was 390 million tons, while China's coke production reached 178 million tons, accounting for approximately 46% of the global total production. In terms of exports, China exported 14.75 million tons of coking coal in 2003, of which 4.58 million tons were exported to the European Union, accounting for about one-third. In 2004, China exported a total of 14.72 million tons of coke, equivalent to 56% of the total global coke trade, and the international coke market is still in short supply. In 2008, China's total coke production was approximately 327 million tons, and from January to September 2009, the coke production was 252.7687 million tons

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