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The coal transportation has been fully powered on

Release date:2016-11-16 | Number of views:1288

Since the beginning of winter on November 7th, the northern part of China has taken the lead in challenging the cold. Coal has always been the main energy source for winter heating, and its demand has increased significantly compared to previous years. In this situation, China Railway Corporation and the National Development and Reform Commission are working together to strengthen dispatch and command, and fully organize coal transportation

Every winter is a period of concentrated coal consumption in the north, and this year's coal demand has significantly increased. In October, the national railway coal transportation volume completed 170 million tons, an increase of 10.59 million tons year-on-year, or 6.6%; In the first week of November, the coal transportation volume completed nearly 40 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 10.2%, further expanding the growth rate. In response to the growing demand for coal transportation, the railway department has carried out comprehensive planning for relevant work in advance, and increased transportation efforts in key areas such as Northeast and Northwest with high demand. The intention of the railway department is also reflected in conducting investigations and understanding in advance of areas with large transportation volumes, real-time monitoring of coal production, consumption, transportation, and inventory in key regions and enterprises, and timely allocation of transportation capacity. This measure not only ensures orderly transportation work, but also greatly improves the efficiency of coal transportation

In addition to ensuring transportation volume, the railway freight system also plays a positive role in stabilizing the coal market. At a recent press conference of the National Development and Reform Commission, relevant officials carefully summarized the current coal price issues that everyone is concerned about. He mentioned that the stability of coal prices now largely benefits from the guarantee of railway transportation capacity. In recent times, railway departments and enterprises have further strengthened the organization and scheduling of transportation capacity, resulting in a significant increase in railway coal transportation volume. Even if the supply of goods is abundant, it still needs to rely on convenient transportation. As the saying goes, "mountains are always farther away, and distant cars and horses are long

The market is stable and transportation is guaranteed, which is not only the demand of the people, but also the responsibility of government agencies and railway departments. The severe cold is approaching, and it is believed that the railway department with full firepower will bring a heatwave and warm the earth